CM-151* Ceramic UF Membrane Module

Ceramic Membrane explained

Ceramic Membrane Product

Ceramic membranes are not all the same. Nanostone’s engineers have developed a ceramic membrane to outperform other ceramic and polymeric membranes on the market today.

  • Best in class life cycle cost
  • Independently tested and certified for ANSI/NSF 61 & 372 for drinking water
  • Optimized hydraulic design for water applications
  • Ceramic lasts up to 10x longer
  • Less fouling potential and less repairs
Side port - ceramic membrane

Duplex 2205 permeate side port for high corrosion resistance, strength, and long life.

Surface area - ceramic membrane

24.3m2(262 ft2) of active surface area α-Al2O3 ceramic membrane.

Pore size - ceramic membrane

Nominal 30 nm (0.03 micron) membrane pore size rating through specialized ceramic nanotechnology coating.

Segmented design - ceramic membrane

Patented segmented design optimizes hydraulic flow during backwash to improve performance.